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Olive Oil Pouring Advantage

Enhancing Business Results!

Value Innovation for
Improving Consumer Experience

Olive oil Manufactures & Brand Owners' Needs

Olive oil manufacturers face constant competitive pressure and consumer demand for better value. Therefore, innovation is crucial for maintaining and improving business results.

Packaging has an immense impact on consumers’ buying decisions, playing a key role both in maintaining customer loyalty and influencing new customers to switch from one product to another. Winning battles over market and customer shares is critical for any olive oil manufacturer: not only in the face of competing olive oil brands, but against competing varieties of oil as well.

While traditionally, the success of an olive oil brand has been based on the reputation and quality of its oils alone, improved packaging represents a new frontier for innovation that allows brands to significantly improve customer experience and add perceived value.
Jump ‘n Pour offers unique pourers that are a game changer in the olive oil packaging world, improving olive oil’s consumer value by increasing both product attractiveness as well as user experience.


The Jumping Pourer is a high quality patented, designed and registered integral retracting plastic pourer which comes as an insert within a cap.
Upon opening the bottle’s cap, the pourer automatically pops up to the pouring position, allowing a clean, controlled and drip-free pouring experience. When the cap is closed back onto the bottle, the Jumping Pourer retracts to seal in the oil’s freshness.

Consumer Benefits

  • Protects the original quality of the oil by preventing oxidation and contamination by dust and insects, while preserving the original bottle and label
  • Helps keep kitchen and hosting environment clean and hygienic by delivering an accurate, smooth and drip-free pour that gives you exactly the amount you need, exactly where you need it
  • Enhances the social experience and fun of cooking, serving and hosting
  • Professional pouring at home. Better experience than regular inserts and much better value than an external pourer
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Manufacturer Benefits:
The X- Factor For Improving Business Performance

  • Increases customer perceived value, product satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Provides new marketing strategy opportunities: new segments, better positioning
  • Enhances product features while maintaining existing brand heritage, with a variety of adaptations available
  • Enables new price position, as well as new channel introductions and differentiation
  • Provides an avenue for a new range of innovative and unique promotional activities and campaigns
  • Increases product development & marketing ROI
  • No special operational requirements, fully integrated with existing packaging and capping line

Function & Specifications


The pourer is a fully integrated insert within the cap, with no need for modification of the original packaging. When the cap is opened, an internal spring pops the pourer up into the pouring position. As the oil flows out, air is drawn in through a special air passage, which enables the oil to flow smoothly. Any excess oil will flow back into the bottle. Closing the cap pushes the pourer back into its original triggered position, ready for the next use.

  • Standard colors: Green, Black & Translucent.
  • Materials: PE, PP. Food safety compliant.
  • Quality: Eu Directive 1935/2004, EU Regulation 10/2011, US FDA 21 CFR 175.300. Produced under food safety regulation and production specifications according to AQL by SGS.
  • Patents registered around the world.


Jumping Pourer
for 31.5 ROPP cap
Jumping Pourer
for 35 ROPP cap
Jumping Pourer
for Tin Can
Jumping Pourer Snap Cap
for PET bottle
Jumping Pourer
for 31.5 ROPP cap
Jumping Pourer
for 35 ROPP cap
Jumping Pourer
for Tin Can
Jumping Pourer Snap Cap
for PET bottle

& Customization

We work directly with oil manufacturers to provide the most suitable solutions at the highest possible quality. We work hard to ensure that our sizing provides a perfect fit, along with the right size, color, print and flow speed customizations (quantity contingent). Additionally, we supply on-site verification and supervision services for pilot runs at filling and capping lines.

Send us your samples and specs and we’ll tailor a solution for you.


About Jump ‘n Pour Ltd.

Our mission at Jump ‘n Pour Ltd. is to enhance customer experience by designing and engineering innovative packaging products and solutions that enable manufacturers in various segments to bring value innovation to the market and improve business results.

Jump ‘n Pour Ltd. was established in Israel in 2008 as a spin-off of Dania Plastic Parts Ltd., a large family injection molding factory established in 1976.

Jump ‘n Pour was founded by Doron Rigel, CEO of the company and the inventor of the original Jumping Pourer.
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